Ingrid Jonker

Cedar SA recently commissioned a few illustrations for an article about Ingrid Jonker in the recent edition of the HighLife magazine. I always enjoy working with their creative team – so this project was really no different.

The article is haunting, beautiful. I still get goosebumps when I read it. Ingrid Jonker was a sadly misunderstood soul. Reading the article (which so elegantly captures the environment Jonker lived in) I’ve developed such a sense of compassion for this woman, who apologized for ”being such a nuisance” just a few hours before her death (read TERRY HERBST’s account of his last interaction with her before her suicide here).

My hope was for the illustrations to capture a sense of Jonker, her gentleness, her vulnerability. Collage was just the right medium for this. I hope you enjoy them, (and read the article).



Farrah was not a Dalmatian

Farrah is visiting the Drawing Room in Observatory in Cape Town at the moment (I hear she’s having a ball of a time, who says Cape winters are bad?!)

Here are a few of the illustrations on show. Go have a look! Very nice little space, they host some awesome events:

Farrah is there till 29 July.

Aleroux_a Dalmaitan Aleroux_an English pointer Aleroux_dogs_colour Aleroux_dogs AleRoux_farrah and dalmation Aleroux_Farrah Aleroux_Farrah2 Aleroux_Farrah3 Aleroux_Fetch Aleroux_frenchi Aleroux_just a dog Aleroux_she was a dog Aleroux_spots Aleroux_they think i look like that dogs square Farrah was not a Dalmation_detail

Farrah was not a Dalmation_detail3 Farrah was not a Dalmation Inside the Yard_2 Inside the Yard_full Inside the Yard

Farrah was NOT a Dalmatian

So, my sister has this dog, Farrah. Farrah, as you can tell from the title of this post, is NOT a Dalmatian. Yet, when my sister takes said dog for walks, people admire the beautiful specimen as the wrong breed. This irks my sister to no end (and sometimes the dog also looks perturbed ).

This little story inspired a book that I have been threatening to write and illustrate for over a year now. And, with deadline looming, I’m finally spending the time I want on this. The story will follow the plight of Farrah, dismayed at her constant misidentification as  Dalmatian,  and her efforts to be recognised for who she really is. It’s a kids book, but, I hope to bring in some tough themes like social identity, “othering” and maybe even touch a bit on xenophobia.

Farrah will be arriving at The Drawing Room Cafe in Observatory (Cape Town) on the 18th June (wish me luck folks).

Here are a few character sketches.


and a bear for good measure ….





Design Indaba Reviews “Summer’s End”

I recently took part in a group show at The Drawing Room Cafe in Observatory Cape Town. The Drawing Room is the “new kid on the block” in the area, and I’m looking forward to some amazing things there!

Design Indaba was kind enough to do a little review on the show, the curator and the venue. Have a look:




2015 has been a blur, but here’s a glance

2015 has been insane. I don’t know how we are at May already. June. Let’s not even talk about June.

But it’s been an awesome year so far! Here are some photos of the show I had at Rust-en-Vrede Gallery and Clay Museum in Durbanville, Cape Town.




20993_814018115342588_981208171145616951_nPool People Series






11017484_814008165343583_3471437462598837789_nI love this one – someone found the shark in the pool



Ladies in an empty pool



11146280_814009458676787_1393726407631115775_nSwimming Season and Chasey (the dog)





Paper Planes at Design Indaba

I’m taking part in the Paper Planes exhibition that will be up at the Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town from 27 February to 1 March.

In short, the exhibition will have 44 illustrators, each of which has done their own visual interpretation of a local, South African story. I got Jakkals Trou met Wolf se Vrou, a story in which the notoriously sneaky Jakkals convinces Wolf’s fiancée that he (Wolf) no longer loves her, and that she should marry him, a dapper gentleman, instead. Luckily, Mother Nature is on Wolf’s side, and manages to stall the wedding with a combination of rain and sunshine until Wolf is able to declare his undying love the the lady … er, wolf, of his dreams. I decided to represent this love triangle in a wedding portrait fashion.

Prints are on sale at the event.

jakkals_text_web jakkals_web vrou_webwolf_web web_jakkals

Swimming Season 2015

Happy 2015! It’s a new year with new resolutions. One of them being to spend more time blogging. So, after about 40 minutes of trying to reset my password (this has been my life for the past week, trying to remember lost and forgotten passwords), here’s some work I’ve been doing over the holidays.

I’m finally (eeek!) having my first solo show later this year, at the beautiful Rust en Vrede gallery in Cape Town. I’m working with the title Swimming Season, here are a few ideas I’ve been playing around with. Some smaller A4 works and then a large canvas of which I’ve posted a few detail shots … it’s not done juuuuust yet.

Swimming Season 1_small


Burger Joint

I spent some time doing  a few illustrations for a new franchise booklet. I love this little burger joint (Burger Bistro), so I’m very excited that they’ll be a little closer to my home soon! Had some fun trying to capture a relaxed, retro vibe. The burgers, by the way, are completely to scale. They are really as big as your face.

BB_Blog_1 BB_Blog_2 BB_Blog_3 BB_Blog_4

Architectural Illustration

Sometimes I work on something that I enjoy so much that I feel bad invoicing for it. This has been one of those projects. I’ve been dabbling in some architectural illustrations. These have mostly just been concept sketches, trying to capture the “look and feel” and general atmostphere that the owners of this property are trying to create.

It’s been fun. Serious fun.






Some new work

I’ve been very quiet since February. Stuff keeping me busy: setting up a new company, going on some overseas adventures, teaching, moving, walking dogs and drinking coffee.

But, here’s an update on some work I’ve done recently.

Also, you can visit my new site at Have a look at our new adventure! Updates soon.


Above: An Artwork for Brightrock’s new offices in Jhb, South Africa


Above: “Twee Sussies” – work made for an Exhibition at Rust en Vrede Gallery, Durbanville, Cape Town.


Above: Process work for architectural concept sketches – for a playground.