Contribution to 168 hours …

So the artworks are handed in and now the countdown begins. 168 hours is almost here … so if you’re going to Aardklop, pop by the Snowflake building and have a look at the exhibition, I’m sure the curators are going to do something interesting with all the works they have received (there are 20 participating artists)

Here are a few (not all) of the ones I’ve submitted. These are them before printing, so not at their “now I’m really done” stage. I usually print and then continue working over them with paint, pencil and varnish. So, they’ll look slightly different on show. I’ve also contributed a paper sculpture. If my maths is right, here’s my 8.4 hour contribution.



Blacks and whites and greys

I usually work in colour (although admittedly they do tend to me mostly muted). I’ve been illustrating a book of poetry, and have been lucky enough to be given free reign in terms of concepts and medium … but for one little specification … illustrations need to be in black and white. I’ve started experimenting with turning my collages into black and white images, and the results have been a pleasant surprise (well, to me anyway!). Below are some of the results. Let me know what you think?


“Songs, Shoeshine and Piano”

Busy completing a few illustrations for a poetry collection, this is an (illustration) excerpt from one of the pages. This particular poem is from a collection titled  Songs, Shoeshine and Piano (1991).

Following in the footsteps of eve … High Life.

Sneak peek … ok, not so sneak, but, a peak at an article that I illustrated for British Airway’s June issue of High Life magazine (courtesy of the wonderful Cedar SA). The article is titled “Following in the Footsteps of Eve”. Will post the online link when I have it. If you’re flying British Air anytime soon, steal me a copy?

Aurora: A Collection of Female Illustrators

“Soft, magical & beautiful as the image of the magnificent Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or a chance sighting of a grouping of polar bears together in the snow” (

Images below copyright Kirsten Beets, Kirsten Sims, Maria Lebedeva, Adrie le Roux. 


I’m taking part in an exhibition, entitled Aurora: A Collection of Female Illustratorsat the beautiful Salon 91 gallery in Cape Town. Like the title suggests, the four of us are, well, firstly all female, and secondly … we illustrate? On a serious note I’m very excited about exhibiting with the other ladies in the show, Kirsten Beets, Maria Lebedeva and Kirsten Sims. The exhibition combines is a mixture of photo realistic works, tongue in cheek illustrations, collaged work and whimsical, folk inspired drawings.

If you’re in Cape Town, please do stop by tomorrow evening for the opening. Have a glass of wine for me, I’m stuck in Pretoria at the moment!

Gallery details:

Salon 91

Gallery Hours:
Tue – Fri: 10 am – 6pm; Sat: 10am – 2pm; Closed: Mondays & Sunday
t 021 424 6930
a 91 Kloof Street

Swimming II

This is a follow on from an earlier post , Swimming on a Piece of Paper (, and is still on show at Salon 91 inKloof Street, Cape Town.