Sketchbook Scan

I got a new (leather bound, oh so fancy) sketchbook for Christmas. I’m spending some time with it, and this little guy (and his dog) decided to say hi. Love when characters almost draw themselves.


Reach for Your Slippers!

It’s Reach for a Dream‘s Reach for Your Slippers day! We’re all wearing slipper’s at work, and, it sort of inspired me to do this really quick doodle of the kinds of slippers that have made their appearance so far. There’s the “old man”, the “UGG”, the “Hipster” … which one are you?

Happy Slipper Day, and thank you Reach for a Dream – what a great idea.

P.S. You can’t just wear your slippers! You have to buy a sticker at Reach for a Dream or any participating institution first! Else you are a slipper thief. Which is not dreamy. At all.



Something I was working on as rough for a project. But got me thinking about the people in my life that are like this little girl. Always there to help, if you don’t want tea, they’re ready with a cupcake, or a bear, or … Thank you.