New York City through a viewfinder

My sister and I recently went on a trip to the USA, ending off our month long holiday in New York, watching the sunset from the observation deck of the Rockefeller centre. My sister was prepared for this trip, armed with a camera that’s zoom would provide many a stalker with joy, and settings that, after a month of trial and error, she still didn’t fully understand. Me? Well, I came armed with a camera that would already have been described as “out of date ” back in 2009. So, I took some photos and then tried to enjoy the view.

Only, I had a pocket full of  quarters and a childish love of those old, silver viewfinders. So, after spending a good 50c looking at the city (and a close up of the back of people’s heads) through this view finder, I came up with an idea to ease a little bit of the “zoom envy” I was feeling towards my sister. So, a few shots using both my camera zoom and the viewfinder, and these were the results. I’m not saying they are photographic genius … but they made me think of a sort of DIY Instagram (which is something my little phone is also incapable of … but my sister’s iPad).