We’re All Human, After All

I’m doing an online ‘crash course in creativity’ through Venturelab (http://venture-lab.org). As part of our first assignment we’ve been asked identify traits that we share with a few of our classmates. While most of us were trying to find something ‘unique’, like some obscure hobby we all share, one participant pointed out something a bit more simple.

We’re all human.

Ok so maybe it’s not as simple as it seems. Humans are, after all, complicated beings. But today, it’s something that I, for one, needed to hear. We’re all human. We live, laugh, learn (more often than not, the hard way), we have huge disappointments, often balanced out by small victories. We’re a bundle of nerve endings and cells and all things science, and yet we form an emotional connection with our favourite series character, despite knowing better. We are sometimes right. We sometimes make mistakes. But, we’re all human today and will, hopefully, all be human tomorrow. There is some consistency in this crazy life we live. **

** Being ‘only human’, however doesn’t relieve you of the responsibilities that comes with being ‘a magnificent’ human. We still expect you to recycle, treat animals with kindness and love your neighbour (yes, even if you live next to Bill Murray).