Aurora: A Collection of Female Illustrators

“Soft, magical & beautiful as the image of the magnificent Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) or a chance sighting of a grouping of polar bears together in the snow” (

Images below copyright Kirsten Beets, Kirsten Sims, Maria Lebedeva, Adrie le Roux. 


I’m taking part in an exhibition, entitled Aurora: A Collection of Female Illustratorsat the beautiful Salon 91 gallery in Cape Town. Like the title suggests, the four of us are, well, firstly all female, and secondly … we illustrate? On a serious note I’m very excited about exhibiting with the other ladies in the show, Kirsten Beets, Maria Lebedeva and Kirsten Sims. The exhibition combines is a mixture of photo realistic works, tongue in cheek illustrations, collaged work and whimsical, folk inspired drawings.

If you’re in Cape Town, please do stop by tomorrow evening for the opening. Have a glass of wine for me, I’m stuck in Pretoria at the moment!

Gallery details:

Salon 91

Gallery Hours:
Tue – Fri: 10 am – 6pm; Sat: 10am – 2pm; Closed: Mondays & Sunday
t 021 424 6930
a 91 Kloof Street

Swimming II

This is a follow on from an earlier post , Swimming on a Piece of Paper (, and is still on show at Salon 91 inKloof Street, Cape Town.

Drie tannies, drie stoeltjes.




I always half wonder what happens to an artwork once it’s been sold to someone, how they interact with it, where it hangs in their house (if at all!) … does it go with their furniture? I got the nicest email from someone who owns one of my prints a few weeks ago (see above). It hangs in their hallway, and every night, on their way to her room, their two year old daughter looks at it and says “ lekker slaap, drie tannies dire stoeltjies (sleep well, three ladies, three chairs)”. I’m pretty sure any artist gets that “warm, fuzzy feeling” when they hear their work is appreciated … especially by someone as honest as a two year old girl. Children can be ruthless critics. I’m relieved I’ve passed her test!

Lekker slaap.

Back to work … or not

I’ve been very quiet on here! Sorry! I had every good intention of posting a Christmas and New Years message but, apparently moving and blogging don’t go so well together.

Here’s a little (silly) something for everyone that’s heading back to work today. Let’s face it, the first week is usually pretty useless. Best to stay entertained. (Safety gear is advised).