Following in the footsteps of eve … High Life.

Sneak peek … ok, not so sneak, but, a peak at an article that I illustrated for British Airway’s June issue of High Life magazine (courtesy of the wonderful Cedar SA). The article is titled “Following in the Footsteps of Eve”. Will post the online link when I have it. If you’re flying British Air anytime soon, steal me a copy?

Bea at the beach

Bea’s Big Move was a kids book that I wrote and illustrated while I was still studying. It’s about a little girl who moves to a new town, and faces the challenge of settling in and making new friends …. except, she misses everything about her old life. The sadness that (quite literally) follows her around is a little raincloud above her head. So, this is old, but I thought I’d share.


And it’s Monday. Rain cloud moods somehow seem appropriate on a Monday.