Friday morning motivation

I’ve spent the last few days working on stuff for 168 hours, an exhibition I’m taking part in at Aardklop. And, for some reason I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my process. How I used to work, how I work now, how my ways of thinking, processing thoughts and creating images has changed over the last few years. I’ve had one recurring thought during this whole process.

When I was in my second year of study, I was fortunate to have class with Diane Victor. I learnt a lot, I worked a lot … I stressed  lot! But there was something she said back then that stuck with me and that,  years after finishing my studies, only feels like it’s really coming into realization now …

You have to wake up and like your work, because no one else is going to do it for you.**

Happy Friday.

** This is how I remember it – my memory might be tainted. But the effect is the same.

168 hours


I’m taking part in an exhibition at Aardklop entitled 168 hours. Have a look at (and like) their Facebook page, where info on the exhibition is available alongside  images of the artists’ creative processes. The exhibition is curated and organised by participating artists, Magdel van Rooyen and Martli Vaandrager (Jansen van Rensburg), who describe the show as:

… an exhibition comprising of twenty artists, ranging from illustrators to sculptors. Each artist received the task to express seven moments over seven days. The result is seven, two dimensional art pieces and one three dimensional piece. In conversation with these seven moments the artist photographed associated images which are posted on the 168 Hours Facebook page. These photos are viewed in relation to each tactile two-dimensional piece. The viewer is encouraged to view the exhibition while simultaneously logging onto the Facebook page, inviting them to partake in the artist’s process. No theme or guideline was provided apart from size restrictions, setting the stage for an honest surprise (2013).

Running Dates: 24 September 2013 to 28 September 2013

Venue: The Snowflake Building, Aardklop

Viewing hours: 08h00 – late

Bruilof Beasties for OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast

I spent some time helping to create stage decor for the ‘Bruilof’ stage at this year’s OppiKoppi (happening this coming weekend for those of you who don’t have tickets yet). Here are some of the beasties I painted. They are lovable little souls … well I think so anyhow.


Reach for Your Slippers!

It’s Reach for a Dream‘s Reach for Your Slippers day! We’re all wearing slipper’s at work, and, it sort of inspired me to do this really quick doodle of the kinds of slippers that have made their appearance so far. There’s the “old man”, the “UGG”, the “Hipster” … which one are you?

Happy Slipper Day, and thank you Reach for a Dream – what a great idea.

P.S. You can’t just wear your slippers! You have to buy a sticker at Reach for a Dream or any participating institution first! Else you are a slipper thief. Which is not dreamy. At all.