Someone to listen

This is an old one that I came across while going through my backups yesterday. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, right? Happy Monday!


Contribution to 168 hours …

So the artworks are handed in and now the countdown begins. 168 hours is almost here … so if you’re going to Aardklop, pop by the Snowflake building and have a look at the exhibition, I’m sure the curators are going to do something interesting with all the works they have received (there are 20 participating artists)

Here are a few (not all) of the ones I’ve submitted. These are them before printing, so not at their “now I’m really done” stage. I usually print and then continue working over them with paint, pencil and varnish. So, they’ll look slightly different on show. I’ve also contributed a paper sculpture. If my maths is right, here’s my 8.4 hour contribution.