Farrah is visiting the Drawing Room in Observatory in Cape Town at the moment (I hear she’s having a ball of a time, who says Cape winters are bad?!)

Here are a few of the illustrations on show. Go have a look! Very nice little space, they host some awesome events: https://www.facebook.com/thedrawingroomcafe

Farrah is there till 29 July.

Aleroux_a Dalmaitan Aleroux_an English pointer Aleroux_dogs_colour Aleroux_dogs AleRoux_farrah and dalmation Aleroux_Farrah Aleroux_Farrah2 Aleroux_Farrah3 Aleroux_Fetch Aleroux_frenchi Aleroux_just a dog Aleroux_she was a dog Aleroux_spots Aleroux_they think i look like that dogs square Farrah was not a Dalmation_detail

Farrah was not a Dalmation_detail3 Farrah was not a Dalmation Inside the Yard_2 Inside the Yard_full Inside the Yard