So, my sister has this dog, Farrah. Farrah, as you can tell from the title of this post, is NOT a Dalmatian. Yet, when my sister takes said dog for walks, people admire the beautiful specimen as the wrong breed. This irks my sister to no end (and sometimes the dog also looks perturbed ).

This little story inspired a book that I have been threatening to write and illustrate for over a year now. And, with deadline looming, I’m finally spending the time I want on this. The story will follow the plight of Farrah, dismayed at her constant misidentification as  Dalmatian,  and her efforts to be recognised for who she really is. It’s a kids book, but, I hope to bring in some tough themes like social identity, “othering” and maybe even touch a bit on xenophobia.

Farrah will be arriving at The Drawing Room Cafe in Observatory (Cape Town) on the 18th June (wish me luck folks).

Here are a few character sketches.


and a bear for good measure ….