Bruilof Beasties for OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast

I spent some time helping to create stage decor for the ‘Bruilof’ stage at this year’s OppiKoppi (happening this coming weekend for those of you who don’t have tickets yet). Here are some of the beasties I painted. They are lovable little souls … well I think so anyhow.


Reach for Your Slippers!

It’s Reach for a Dream‘s Reach for Your Slippers day! We’re all wearing slipper’s at work, and, it sort of inspired me to do this really quick doodle of the kinds of slippers that have made their appearance so far. There’s the “old man”, the “UGG”, the “Hipster” … which one are you?

Happy Slipper Day, and thank you Reach for a Dream – what a great idea.

P.S. You can’t just wear your slippers! You have to buy a sticker at Reach for a Dream or any participating institution first! Else you are a slipper thief. Which is not dreamy. At all.

Still Lives

Illustrative interpretations of the “still life”. I think my human skull might look a little too happy though.


The Brightrock Book

Earlier this year I completed the illustrations for a project with the very young, very innovative life insurance company, Brightrock, to celebrate their 2nd birthday. Their concept was to create a children’s book, celebrating both the youth, and the growth of the company (how amazing is that?!).

Gus Silber wrote the wonderful, Dr Seuss inspired copy for the book, entitled Love Change (which Brightrock certainly does). I can’t begin to explain how much fun this project was – amazing people, amazing concept, amazing copy … what more could an illustrator want (other than a copy of the book)? Below are a few images.





Blacks and whites and greys

I usually work in colour (although admittedly they do tend to me mostly muted). I’ve been illustrating a book of poetry, and have been lucky enough to be given free reign in terms of concepts and medium … but for one little specification … illustrations need to be in black and white. I’ve started experimenting with turning my collages into black and white images, and the results have been a pleasant surprise (well, to me anyway!). Below are some of the results. Let me know what you think?